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    Designed for maximum versatility in OPL or large laundry machines, the TOTAL ECLIPSE Controller's selectable Operating Modes allow the system to work with trigger signals from fully-programmable washers or with manually triggered signals (or cycle time extenders) from non-programmable, fixed-time washers. The Controller's easy-to-understand, plain-text LCD display (available in a variety of languages), makes operator training simple.

    Formula Editor

    Installation time and cost is significantly reduced with the computer-based Formula Editor program, allowing an off-site technician to create sets of up to 20 industry-specific, efficient and cost-effective formulas that are loaded onto a controller with a customer-supplied USB flash drive (2 GB or smaller). Summary Reports can be saved to the same USB flash drive, providing usage and programming information to effectively analyze and manage each machine.

    • Up To 20 Different Formulas
    • Large Screen Display With Seven Lines Of Text
    • Customized Formula And Pump Names
    • Multiple Language Options
    • Data Reporting
    System Advantages

    Eight Pump Capability (including Flush) Up to eight pumps, each with three product amounts (A, B, and C) and a delay, may be connected. The maximum product amount is 99.99 oz. (2999 ml.).

    Use with components from earlier Nova Controls' laundry systems or adapt to future updates by adding modular components and uploading updated software at the customer's site.

    User-friendly, large screen display offers seven lines of text and customized formula and pump names (in the installer-selected language).

    Two pre-installed languages are standard (English plus another, based upon area of sales). Language choices may include: Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, and Mandarin. All operating and programming menus are in the installer-selected language.

    When used with a fully-programmable, microprocessor-controlled washer, the washer uses a timed signal to automatically select the chemical formula and start the cycle.

    Calibrate pumps by time or volume to accommodate different sizes of pumps and installation configurations.

    Optional flush manifold (with flow switch) shuts off pumps if water flow falls below 0.65 gallons per minute (GPM).

    Formula programming and reporting are password-protected for added security.

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